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  • Chinese English WELCOME TO!

    TEL +86532-88569678


    電話: 0532-88565586

    手 機:13608982121




    [2017-11-22] Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit the company's business to visit guidance and business negotiations
    [2017-11-21] In November 2007, the Indian customers came to the booth to negotiate the purchase of the business
    [2017-11-21] 2013 Beijing international printing technology exhibition
    [2017-11-22] The international market
    [2017-11-21] Nigerian customers visit workshop to discuss cooperation business
    [2017-11-22] The domestic market
    [2017-11-21] Congratulations to Qingdao haigang printing equipment manufacturing co., LTD.
    [2017-11-21] 2015 guangzhou print exhibition
    [2017-11-21] 2015 Beijing fishing gear show
    [2017-11-21] November 2008 international full-print exhibition
    [2017-11-21] In March 2007, general manager of Shanghai Oriental international trading co., LTD. Was leading Spanish clients to negotiate the booth
    [2017-11-02] Ji'nan printing Fair
    [2017-11-02] Skills to improve print quality and visual effects
    [2017-11-02] Qingdao Hai Hai hot stamping equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. - won the China People's Republic of private science and technology development Contribution Award
    [2017-11-02] Southern China international printing Fair
    [2017-11-02] 2015 Qingdao Industrial Design Week
    [2017-11-02] Chinese side 2015-2020 side stamping machine industry development and investment potential analysis report
    [2017-11-02] The new company was awarded the 2012 patent star enterprise in Shandong Province
    [2017-10-30] He Qingdao Hai Gang hot stamping equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. computer-controlled fully open electric high-speed stamping machine won the 2012 Jimo science and technology progress two prize
    [2017-10-30] International fishing tackle exhibition successfully concluded
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