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  • Chinese English WELCOME TO!

    TEL +86532-88569678


    電話: 0532-88565586

    手 機:13608982121





    Ⅰ Enterprise Vision: Become the packaging industry leader within 10 years.
    Ⅱ Enterprise Tenet:  Good quality to win trust.
    Ⅲ Enterprise Spirit: "Unity","Hard","Love","Dedication","Pioneering and innovative","Dare to do"
    Unity is the basic guiding ideology for the development of company. Staff build a fair business environment through communication, coordination, partnership.
    During the work, employee must be accuracy and efficiency. When completed the task to be on the set of practical milestones, encourage appropriate leading, against waste turgid.
    People have a "human nature", the enterprise is made up of people with the "human nature".Actually "human nature" of enterprise culture is people-oriented.But what exactly is "people-oriented" and "humanized management" through a complete care system to make employees feel their respect, helpness, to make employees love enterprise. Retain high quality staff is enterprise's greatest wealthy.
    People-oriented is under certain conditions, the maximum keep the interests of every employee.Premise is that there are certain conditions, the condition is not innate.It is created by every employee.Everyone should work for the enterprise with their own wisdom and strength, to create the conditions, to ensure that everyone can enjoy the greatest interests.
    "Pioneering and innovative"
    Innovation is the soul of enterprise development. Through extensive research and staff rationalization to achieve full innovation;Through management concept and method of modernization and informatization and standardization, implementation technology innovation and management innovation;By extensive exchanges and cooperation, we realize the win-win cooperation of the new technology.
    "Dare to do"
    Dare for the world is the source of success, we should have the courage to learn, dare to practice innovation.To learn and adapt to changes in adaptation of generation and development in active learning. Innovation, as a kind of ability to work.In the changeable market, the company employee should dare to grasp the spirit of the world.   
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